Steel Blues & Cool Hues

As Spring time approaches here in Buffalo, NY, we’ve begun to reminisce on everything we love about winter. Though us Buffalonians are anticipating a much-deserved heat wave, we still have a bit of icey weather to endure. So rather than dreading the extended Winter, we’ve decided to appreciate the beauty in this transitional season. At Blue Violet, we love how the monochromatic cool tones of the snowy scenery are highlighted by little glimpses of sunlight that peak through the clouds, showing the hope and promise of Spring. Though it seems like a dreary time of year, the quick moments of warmth showcase the two seasons colliding, and offer inspiration for our designs. Steel blues and serene greens as a color palette provide both calmness and comfort, similar to local Buffalo landscapes. A pop of color like magenta, coral pink or gold represents beams of sunlight, warming up this style esthetic. We’ve noticed this color combination in recent bridal trends as well, placing a heavy emphasis on cool tones and bright accent colors. We hope you enjoy our mood board displaying this design trend and get a look into how we gain our inspiration!

Love Always,

The BV Team

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