Victorian Romance Revival

With brass elements playing a big part in recent bridal trends, we’ve been on the hunt for antique brass candlesticks. After searching through nearly a dozen antique shops and rummage sales, we were able to successfully collect some beautiful and unique pieces. We ended up with almost one hundred different brass candlesticks and lanterns dating back to the late 1800s into the Victorian Era. These pieces will pair perfectly with centerpiece displays and table decor, contributing to ideal bohemian events! Though these vintage finds had some original beauty, they were in desperate need of restoration. Their exterior showed years of use through a coating of patina, and we were dying to uncover the brass finish underneath. We found the most effective cleaner possible and went to work, polishing the brass pieces. After the restoration process, we were able to return the antiques back to their former glory, with candlesticks ranging in color from gold to rose gold tones. They turned out even better than expected, and we can’t wait to incorporate these pieces into our upcoming events! 

Love Always,

The BV Team